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    Bedeli putting things in perspective.

  7. myelvenkingdom:

    Getting my faun on! 
    Some latex ears, antlers, makeup and huge lenses does the trick when you wanna stray away form humanity 


    I did this look for my lovely friend who has made the pretty Elflocks I’m wearing. 

    You can find her page here http://www.woodland-wild.com/ , and her store here http://www.etsy.com/shop/woodlandwild

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    - analgirls ⇋ mrrenaldo

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  10. guitar-porn:


    Murray Kuun sent this incredible looking design in to us earlier on and we certainly had to pause for a while to take it all in. Murray used to design and build violins, and you can definitely see that he’s carried across a few of the hallmarks since joining us on the dark side.

    You can check out more of his unique takes on the guitar at his website.